Electric Scooter Battery Repair

We can repair your electric scooter battery, for many reasons the battery in your electric scooter can fail. We specialise in electric scooter battery recover and repairs.
We can repair e scooter batteries and e bike batteries, a lot of the time when the battery fails they can be repaired, but not always. Sometimes the battery is simply at the end of it’s life and is not economically worth fixing, but in many cases especially when a battery has failed on a new electric scooter we can find the fault and repair the battery. As the battery on your electric scooter is in most cases, the most expensive part of the scooter it can be very cost effective for us to repair the battery for you.
Using sophisticated testing techniques and years of electronics experience we can determine if the battery is repairable and the cost to do so.
Once the battery arrives at our workshop we will carry out all the necessary tests and formulate a report on the battery health, once this is done our electronics engineers will determine the viability of the repair and the cost. We will then send you the battery health report and the cost of the repair and you can then decide if you would like to proceed with the repair.
If you decide to proceed with the battery repair we can normally turn around the repair in 5-7 working days, the battery would then be packaged up and returned to you via DPD Express and arrive the next working day. (UK MAINLAND)

AOVO Battery
Aovo electric scooter battery
Electric Scooter Battery Repair Costs

The cost to repair the battery, primarily depend on the size of the battery. Repairing a 36v battery will be much cheaper than repairing a 72v battery, as the voltage increases so does the size and complexity of the repair. The secondary cost is determined by how many banks of cells are damaged, most electric scooter batteries have at least 30 cells and larger 72v batteries can have more then twice as many depending on the capacity. We can replace the dead cells with new or used cells depending on costs, used cells can start at just £2-3 each and brand new cells can be £6-7 each again depending on the capacity.
Typically, but not always just a few cells in a bank fail and can be swapped out to recover the battery. In other cases these bad cell banks can have a cascade effect and destroy neighbouring banks especially if the battery has been used and charged after the initial bank failed. This is just one example of what could be required for a repair, it could also be a BMS (Battery management system) failure, terminal corrosion, broken wire, short circuit or simply a damaged connector.

Regardless of why your electric scooter or electric bike battery has stopped working we can fix the issue or replace the battery with a new one. If the battery is not worth repairing, we can build you a brand new battery exactly the same or build you a upgraded and improve new battery.

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