Electric Scooter Repairs in Edinburgh

Electric Scooter Repairs in Edinburgh

After lots of fun scooting around the city you find that your electric scooter has developed a problem. Time to find a local electric scooter repair shop in Edinburgh to get your E Scooter repaired. As normal your first port of call is Google and the new NEAR ME search term is ideal for finding a local E-Scooter repair shop that isn’t too far away. Electric scooters are generally very heavy and can be anywhere between 16kg to 30kg this means posting a broken electric scooter back to the online scooter shop you purchased it from for repair is difficult. Not only is the scooter heavy it’s also pretty big and most importantly contains a large battery that most couriers won’t ship as they are deemed hazardous goods. Not to mention you probably don’t have the massive box it arrived in. This is where the Google search “near me” comes in very handy, simply put your term in “electric scooter repair” then add “near me” Google will then show results of scooter repair shops in your local area and show the closest shops to your location. If you are in Edinburgh or the Lothians then www.edinburghscooters.co.uk should show on page 1 of the search results. In order to get all your options of electric scooter repair shops in Scotland then you can vary the search slightly and make a list of shops to call around for some advice and pricing on the repair. Some other search terms could be “e scooter repairs” “electric scooter repair shop” “electric scooter repairs Edinburgh” then add “near me” once you have narrowed it down to a few repair shops then you can start making some phone calls or sending emails to determine what the best shop is for your requirements.

Before calling around it’s best to have the following information ready as the scooter repair shop is sure to ask some basic questions like “what brand and model is the scooter” this can usually be found on the box or somewhere on the scooter chassis possibly on the barcode, or on your purchase invoice. It’s worth spending 5 mins looking for this information before calling as it will help the shop determine what they are dealing with and in turn give you a better feel for their ability to repair it. Some other questions that any good scooter repair shop will ask are “how old is the scooter” & “how much did it cost” & “what is the problem”. These 3 question will help the shop decide if the scooter is worth repairing for example if it’s a cheap unknown Chinese brand with a burnt out motor and they know the parts aren’t available they may be able to determine quickly that it’s not with fixing saving you a trip to the shop and a diagnostics fee.

After you have decided what scooter repair shop in Scotland you are happy to deal with then the next question on most people’s mind is how much is this going to cost me and how long will it take to repair my e-scooter?

Although these are very important question’s they are difficult to answer until the scooter technician has evaluated the scooter in question. In such a case where it’s a clear cut; like a puncture the shop may be willing to give you a ball park figure on the repair, typically £20-£25 for labour and the same if it requires a new tyre and inner tube, so £50 in total for a new tyre/tube fitted. If however you have a more technical repair like “my scooter won’t power on” or “my scooter won’t charge” then these type of electric scooter faults can be many different components so it would be impossible for them to properly quote for the e scooter repair without seeing the scooter. Most scooter repair shops will charge a diagnosis repair charge from £25-£40. Here at Edinburgh Scooters we charge £25 to look at the scooter and determine what the problem is. Once we have had a good look at the scooter, found the fault, checked availability of the parts and worked out the cost to repair the scooter including any parts (if required) we will then call the customer and inform them of the total cost of the repair. If the customer is happy to proceed our scooter technicians will start work on the scooter repair.
The time frame for a scooter repair is determined by several factors.
1. Are the parts in stock or do they require ordering in?
2. How busy the shop is that week.
3. How complex is the repair.

Normally for simple repairs where we have the scooter parts in stock we can fix them in 48Hrs, Repairs where the parts require ordering in can obviously take much longer, depending on the availability of the scooter spare parts and the country where they are being shipped from. Once the scooter has been fully repaired and tested by www.edinburghscooters.co.uk you can come and collect the electric scooter and be on your merry way.
I hope this basic guide helps you get your electric scooter repaired.

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