Why should I get an e-scooter?

Why should I get an e-scooter?

So, you may have seen them whizzing around your local town or perhaps you have an incredibly trendy friend who won’t stop talking about their brand new Edinburgh Scooter? If you’re considering getting one yourself but you simply need a little bit of convincing that you’re making the right investment, read on!

They are huge eco-warriors

The e-scooter is a serious frontrunner for the most eco-friendly mode of transport that exists right now. Edinburgh Scooters’ Xiaomi models only use a tiny amount of electricity and of course, they don’t produce any emissions. If you’re conscious of your carbon footprint and are looking for a healthier, cleaner way of travelling, you’d be hard pushed to find a better solution than an e-scooter.

They’re easy to carry around

All three of the e-scooter models that Edinburgh Scooters stock weigh less than 15kg with both the Xiaomi Essential and Xiaomi Mi 1S weighing just 12kg. This makes them very easy to carry up and down stairs or on and off buses and trains, if you’re planning on taking your scooter on longer trips. Far less folding awkwardness than you get with a bike too!

They get you moving

We are living increasingly sedentary lifestyles, particularly with most of us currently working from our own homes and with limited opportunities to get active. E-scooters allow you to stand and gently move while you travel, exercising your core muscles and working on your balance. With much less impact on your muscles than cycling, an e-scooter is ideal for those who want to get fit in a gentle, almost not even noticeable way.

They are sociable creatures

The growing popularity of e-scooters means that there is also a growing community of e-scooter owners. When you zip into town on your Xiaomi, you just might come across another rider also zipping around. The nifty little things make for great talking points with like-minded people, so be prepared for some potential new friendships to occur. Hey, maybe you could all go for a ride around the city together?

They are happy souls

You’ll probably find that you can’t help but grin as you feel the breeze brush your face, while your Xiaomi is carrying you along the streets. This might sound a little twee and cheesy but generally if you enjoy something (we’re pretty confident you’ll enjoy riding our scooters), your mental and emotional health is boosted exponentially. Edinburgh Scooters provides you with a vehicle that gets you outside and breathing in fresh air. It’s ancient advice but we find it does wonders for blowing the cobwebs away.

They are the cool kids of the street

We’re sure that you don’t really need to be told this but have you seen how cool these Xiaomi scooters are? Slick, sharp and looking smart, all three e-scooter models that we stock at Edinburgh Scooters are permanent members of the in-crowd and we’re proud to be able to make introductions to you.

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