How Electric Scooters Are Revolutionizing Transport

How Electric Scooters Are Revolutionizing Transport

Big transportation at a micro size.

If you’ve been on a high street, at a town centre, or anywhere with a decent amount of footfall recently, you’ve probably seen one of these zipping around.

These technological modes of transport–known as electric kick scooters, e-scooters or electric scooters–are snowballing in popularity, and all the signs are pointing to a boom of new transportation across Scotland and the UK at large.

But what exactly is an electric scooter? And what’s causing people to hop on these speedy scooters as a form of transportation? At Edinburgh Scooters, we cover everything in the scooter-sphere, and in this article, we’ll help explain the why and how behind the reason scooters are booming.

What are electric scooters?

Electric scooters are stand-up scooters that are powered by an electric motor. Simply push with one leg and the scooter accelerates forward using the motor’s charge.

We like to call it micro transportation–it combines all the relaxing benefits of fast, efficient transport with the convenience and flexibility of a bicycle. Better yet, they have a lower impact on the planet due to their electric power supply, and help to reduce the presence of gas-guzzling modes of transport.


Why are e-scooters on the rise?

There are several reasons why we are now witnessing a significant increase in electric scooter purchases by local authorities and arms of government across the world. Busy cities are seeing more and more signs of congestion, road issues and traffic. To help combat this, e-scooters are being used to free up space, and keep fewer cars, vans and trucks off the road.

There are also environmental reasons. With climate change affecting the delicate balance of our planet, local and national authorities are looking for ways to slash our overall CO2 emissions. What’s more is that cities with busy road activity also have an increasingly apparent problem with pollution and public health, so fewer combustion engine vehicles on the road, the better.


But on an individual level, electric scooters are rising in popularity due to their revolutionary way of providing transport for our modern way of living. For busy professionals, getting to work in metropolitan areas can be difficult, costly and often totally inefficient. Public modes of transport, while more eco-friendly, aren’t reliable. Similarly, while cars are a more comfortable way to travel, they can lead to long waiting times in traffic.


What e-scooters do differently

To summarise what makes electric scooters so great for modern living, we’ll break it down:


Efficiency – Fast, lightweight transport that can travel on roads and be packed away instantaneously. Easy to pick up and put down, meaning you can get around quickly and at your own convenience.


Affordability – Hire schemes allow for public access to scooters in busy areas, and private scooters are much cheaper than other registered vehicles with low operation and maintenance costs.


Green Technology – Eco-friendly technology that reduces traffic, eliminates pollution and cuts out CO2 emissions.


Genuine Vehicular Transport – E-scooters are not toys. They’re capable of getting up to speeds above 15 miles per hour, which means they’re great for getting around quickly without being burdened with a car in a busy city centre.


Electric Scooters in the UK

In the UK, it is currently illegal to ride an electric scooter on roads and pavements. However, after several trials throughout cities in England (as well as the wider world), legislation surrounding the use of electric scooters will be officially reviewed in 2021.

Many european countries have already greenlit their e-scooter programs, and have started to facilitate city wide sharing schemes where commuters can pick up available scooters whenever they like via usage-based payments.


It’s becoming increasingly likely that electric scooter usage will be safe and legal across the UK’s road by the summer of 2021. This means that scooters in Scotland could be arriving very soon, giving cities and local authorities a fantastic way of promoting cleaner, and greener, transportation.

In fact, many authorities across Scotland are already making plans to adopt electric scooters into their local amenities, giving residents a modern transportation system that works for them.


Which brand of electric scooters is the best?

The leading brand of electric scooters currently on the market is XIAOMI. These cost-effective and versatile units are great for all ages, skill levels and uses. Combining a sleek, modern design with an attractive price tag, XIAOMI scooters have been used in public scooter trials the world over, and have easily become the go-to brand when it comes to first time buyers and experienced scooterists.


With our multi-level pricing packages, you can acquire the type of electric scooter that suits your needs. Whether you’re looking for a top of the range model, or just want something to get around in, our three tier system will cover whatever your e-scooter needs may be.


XIAOMI PRO 2 – £500-600

If you want the full e-scooter experience, then the XIAOMI Pro is the only scooter you’ll ever need. Equipped with a potential 28 mile travel distance on a single charge, the Pro is the perfect blend of practicality and performance. Top speeds of 15.5mph, 9 hour battery, and a design that’s sturdy yet sleek. The XIAOMI Pro 2 is the peak of scooter design.


XIAOMI 1S – £400-500

Comfortably nestling itself as the mid-range option for e-scooters, the 1S boasts smartphone technology just like its bigger brother, the Pro 2. And while the 1S doesn’t have everything the more expensive model has, it’s still a surprisingly powerful vehicle that’s as robust as it is quick. The max range on the 1S is 18.6 miles, giving users tons of range to get where they need to go, without the worry of losing charge.



Stripping back some of the fancier features, the XIAOMI Essential is the perfect beginners scooter. Fast, beautifully made and priced in a way that doesn’t break the bank, the Essential is exactly what is says on the tin—essential. The max speed on this model is 12.4 mph, so for younger users and those who don’t want to go too fast, it makes a perfect fit.


I’m interested in getting a scooter—where do I start?

Well, you’re in the right place.


At Edinburgh Scooters, we’re helping to introduce the new generation of green, modern transportation. Our market leading e-scooters are the best when it comes to affordability, quality, and speed. Want to join the scooter revolution? Check out our line of deluxe electric scooters today.


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